Thursday, January 21, 2010

Why talent is overrated

Success in anything is like leaning to break a brick with you head. It hurts like hell when learning, it takes a lot of time and practice and only those with a burning desire will achieve success. Unless you have a steel plate in you head. In the article , “Why is talent overrated, ” the author made a profound point when he was comparing poor, mediocre and the best performers. He mentions that poor performers don’t set goal at all. Which is would explain why they are poor performers. However when he mentioned Mediocre performers he said that, “Mediocre performers set goals that are general and are often focused on simply achieving a good outcome.” This caused me to think about how in grade school we are told to just try our best and what ever happens is okay. But in all actuality it is not. Due to our acceptance of this idea, we are conditioned, not to push ourselves beyond our known limitations. Are we lackadaisical? No. however, I feel that we are unconscious of our lackadaisical habits that prohibit us form being more. What excited me the most about this article were the best performers. He says that the best performers are conscious about what they do and are not happy with doing well. They are conscious of what there goals and the major and minor details relating to their goals. Another point was they work at the small things because they know the small things affect the quality of their outcome.

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