Thursday, January 21, 2010

Programming Media

Programming in this day in age is astronomical. I find it interesting the how it is everywhere and in everything that we use on a daily bases. More importantly, I find it interesting, that lack of interest that people have in programming and software development. I feel as though if a language has the power to manipulate so many different variables in our lives, we should be more conscious of it’s nature and functionality in relation to our lives.
The article titled, “programming media,” lays out the nature of programming and the facets that it embodies. The areas that sparked my interest are, Software as a Medium, Each Language is UniqueSoftware as a medium to me, gave me a glimpse of the reality of contemporary are in my life. Growing up doing fine art I was in a sense disgusted by the idea of moving a way form a traditional approach to art and design and indulging in contemporary art. The passage where the author says,” Software has enabled a way to build a bridge between the art of the past and the electronic arts of the present and future,” has allowed me to begin to think of programming as a means of expression.
The idea that each language is unique is pretty self-explanatory. However, through the examples I found that even thought each language has it’s own strengths and limitations the syntax is similar no matter the language. It is as if the languages are all cousins but all just have slightly different features.

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